Three of the Best SEN Trade Shows

I personally love trade shows, I like the idea of meeting like minded people, learning from others experiences and finding out about new products on the market. I feel like to be in this complex area of SEN it helps me to keep up with current events and news in the SEN world. So that i am always in the know and able to share my own experiences with others. 

1. Autism Show

Dates: London- 17th-18th June, Manchester 1st-2nd July, Birmingham 24th-25th June

This is my favourite show as there is such a diversity in talks and products. I fill my day with different talks in the HUB 1/HUB 2 that i find inspiring and help further my knowledge. I especially like the talks from the people who are on the autistic spectrum as it gives me a real insight into how they see the world. There are also many study aids and resources on offer that help to enhance the progression of many people who have autism and the people that support them.


2.SEN TES Education Show

Dates: London-9th-10th October 

I enjoy going to this show to see the wide range of resource ideas that they have on offer, which are easily accessible and range in prices. The resources all cater to the national curriculum and individual targets that the child in which you support are working towards. It is a great show to network with other professionals and parents in the world of SEN and can gives you a vast amount of ideas to implement in your setting. 

3. Education Show

This is the biggest of the three education shows and centres around all aspects of education from planning to different products that would suit your children's needs. What i like most about the Education show though is the fact that they have an SEN theatre where they have amazing guest speakers from the world of the autism. Who often have great stories to tell of there experience with SEN and how they overcame the challenges that they faced. 

I hope that i have inspired your to attend these great Education Trade shows, i know that the knowledge and experiences i have learnt from people that i have met here, have been a great source of inspiration to me. And a fundamental reason why i do what i do!


© 2016 Charlene Clayton, Sen Resource Founder