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A new motivating/structured concept to support SEN children.

Sen Resource creates literacy/maths packs for children with SEN. 

SEN maths resource pack

Created and manufactured by London based company Sen Resource, founder Charlene Clayton has created a unique range of literacy/maths packs in levels one to three. These resource packs are based on EYFS and P-level targets. They support the child aged 3-11years with SEN/Behavioural difficulties to work towards independent learning and enhance their self-confidence.

These packs feature three tactile tasks with corresponding object of reference PECS. Which can be moved into an attached finished pocket so that there is a clear structure for the child to understand the start and finish of each task. The packs also include a motivating reward pack of three sensory toys that support children who exhibit sensory integration issues, These reward packs also offer the concept of choice. Behavioural transactional supports included in the pack support children to understand what they are working towards and what is expected of them, so that anxiety is decreased. Sen Resource has seen great results in children’s progress through speech, behaviours and their learning.

Sen Resource resource packs were created after Charlene Clayton spent six years within her passion of autism. Where she gained vast amounts of experience and training, which enabled her to see an insightful way of supporting children with autism. She was inspired after working with an autistic boy in a mainstream class. Where there was a limited resource to support him in the way he learnt best. She started creating these effective resource packs where she saw improvement in his speech and behaviour. This made her want to give the same opportunity to other children who were not able to learn in the way that they were taught. Charlene Clayton created Sen Resource 6 months ago and has already implemented her resource packs in one school, three nurseries and one home setting. Whilst setting up the business single handily. 

**Founder and creator of Sen Resource, Charlene Clayton, explains why she has created the brand: ‘One of the big problems in supporting children with SEN and behavioural difficulties is the lack of training and resources out there to support the staff in various settings, to enhance the way the children learn that they support. I wanted to create a resource that saved staff time in planning, making and implementing resources from the internet. I wanted to show staff a way of offering children that they support more structured learning and motivating tasks that could be effectively implemented to offer consistency. ‘**

Prices for packages which include implementation of packs and literacy/maths packs start from £70-£260. Individual packs cost £40 each, once implemented. Consultancy is charged at £30 an hour for nurseries/parents and £50 an hour for schools. 


Charlene Clayton


1st October 2016