'Charlene is driven and passionate about helping children with special needs. She has given her product much though and designed it with great skill and understanding. I am sure this resource will really help pupils understand what is expected of them and will be a fantastic ready made kit for those supporting autistic pupils in mainstream classes.' Jo Galloway, Headteacher at Readlett Lodge National Autistic Society School.

'Charlene has a natural affinity with children, her calm and smiley nature combined with a great understanding of how children learn and develop make her really popular with children and parents alike. My sons adore her and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.' Gemma Goldenberg, Parent and Assistant Headteacher

'Charlene has given me lots of ideas of resources for my setting, I like the idea of the resources being durable. As with nursery age children my resources do not last long. We have children with speech and language delay, autism and we are also supporting children with behaviour issues. So these resources are excellent in engaging them in a chaotic environment such as a nursery. These resources are good value for money, when I also get Charlene's experience and knowledge as a package. Chris Coker, SENCO and Manager of Sunnyside Nursery.

'Very useful training, it was great to be shown how to use the tasks properly. The tasks are simple enough for our children to understand, but challenging at the same time.' Play worker, First Steps Nursery

'I was so impressed with Charlene's knowledge and advice, in regards to autism. She has a calm approach whilst supporting our pupil's. With Charlene's support i was able to teach my pupil's in a way that was suitable to their needs. When our pupils were more familiar with the tasks, Charlene was able to extend the tasks and make them more challenging. I saw a fantastic improvement in the pupil's behaviours and progress.' Hannah Burgess, Assistant inclusion manager at Noth Beckton Primary School.

'Charlene is creative and insightful when creating motivating activities. These activities supported the pupils progression through the curriculum and levels that the child was working towards. I would highly recommend Charlene for her understanding of autism, as well as her creativity' Peta Griffihs, Phoenix outreach worker

'Training was very useful, the information that was given. Was very easily understood, due to having the packs and tasks to look at. It was very good and helpful. Brilliant' Play worker, First Steps Nursery

''This product is fantastic, it helped my child to engage in various activities, without getting disengaged. The product has helped to develop my childs speech. He has become confident at making choices and getting his feelings heard. I would highly recommend this product to any parents of autistic children.' Ruby Begum, parent of 9 year old autistic boy.

'These resources looked very interesting, they would be really beneficial with our children who have SEN. I will speak with the owner of our nursery and get these packs implemented in our setting.' Manager, Kidzland Preschool

'These packs look really good and will help us to plan and work more effectively with the children in which we support, so that we can achieve our goals.' Paul, Heritage day nursery

'This is a good product, for a working mum like myself as i can just slip it into my routine. After a busy day at work.' Rachel, Parent of two girls 3 and 4 years old. 


' Training was very useful, lots of information that was easily understood. Having equipment/ wallets to look at was very good and helpful' Play worker, First steps nursery